Adventures in Diaper Changing

29 Mar

It’s taken me a few days to get up the nerve to admit this, but here goes:

We live in a 100 year old rowhouse.  For those of you who live in brand-new houses, I’m sure you have your own challenges.  For those of us living in older homes, it means that things are in constant need of upgrades, improvements and repairs.  Our electric is one of those things and as we’ve been renovating we have upgraded the electric room by room. 

On Sunday I was changing T’s 40th diaper of the day when, mid-change, he decided he wasn’t quite finished with it.  Before I could react a stream was arcing through the air, followed by my screams, his giggles, and some confused barking from the dogs.  My husband, of course, added to the confusion by yelling something unintelligible from upstairs but offered no assistance.  A few minutes later, as I struggled to get a wiggly one-year-old into dry clothes, the yelling, barking and giggling stopped suddenly when we simultaneously heard a strange hum.  Seconds after that there was a flash and a fireball poofed out of the socket…apparently T’ had managed to hit the wall directly above the electric socket, blowing the power through the entire downstairs.  Lucky husband got to spend the rest of Sunday rewiring the downstairs which, let’s be honest, would not have gotten done for many more months without this turn of events.  Now if only I could get T to somehow destroy that ugly fan in the living room…


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