Bite Me

24 Apr

T is currently going through another teething phase.  I’m somewhat glad, considering he’s been sporting the same four teeth for several months and I’m itching to try new foods out on him that require a bit more chewing capacity.  Unfortunately he is also starting to realize the potential for his choppers.  As a result, the past few days have been spent drooling incessantly and gnashing at anything that comes even close to face range.   Yesterday I looked over and I swear I saw a tuft of white fur between his lips…I’d be less suspicious if the dogs had not gone MIA around the same time.

This morning I woke up to find his little beaver marks all along the side of the crib.  He chomped down on my finger in “good morning” greeting and thought it was hilarious when I yelled out.  Blame it on the pervasiveness of vampire culture in current media, but I’m starting to wonder if I should be concerned.  I have high hopes for T; his pic under the headline “Vampire Baby Born to Human Parents, Walks During the Day!” is not one of them. 

I’ve reached out to my circle of mommies and daddies for help.  “Bite him back!”  (Uh, no.) “Give him an ice-pop.”  (Done, couch now covered in red splotches.)  “Spank him!”  (Considered, especially after this morning’s incident, but declined.)  “Babies need to be trained – you know, like dogs are trained.  When he bites tell him no and show him what he can chew on.”  (?!!?!!  Somewhat controversial, and yet disappointed I did not think of this myself!)

So I bought him what DH and I call a “chew,” those ropes tied with knots that our dogs love to chomp and tear through the house swinging and tossing in the air.  I still got bit, but the sting was somewhat softened when, a few seconds later, T removed himself from my arm, grabbed the chew I offered with his teeth – and tossed it in the air.

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