This Child (a poem in honor of Mother’s Day)

11 May

This child, who arrived when we were living on the fumes of cautious optimism and in need of a sign for the future, wakes every morning with a smile in his eyes and joy in each babble and giggle and whisper and reaches for me and the day to come.

This child, with his crooked grin and devilish glance, makes me laugh and cry and want to scream as he takes on the world and makes it his own, with each new challenge the wheels turning, turning, his face an open book.

This child, the pattern of whose beating heart I knew before I even saw his sweet face, honors me each day with an unquestioning bond of love and loyalty and the trust to fall asleep in my arms.

This child, so beautiful in his innocence, continues to grow and learn and thrive, oblivious to the awesome and terrifying power that comes with holding his future in our hands.

I became a mother the second that thin line turned blue but could not have imagined the blessing of being Mother to This Child.

[Happy Mother’s Day to all those who have, are or dream of becoming a mother! And of course my heart to T, without whom I would never have learned my full capacity to love.  – CP]


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2 responses to “This Child (a poem in honor of Mother’s Day)

  1. Stacey@aGh

    May 11, 2012 at 12:28 pm

    Happy Mother’s Day! Hope you enjoy your weekend.


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