July? Hello??

08 Aug

Oh, Summer, how I hate you with your heat and humidity and ginormous electric bills.  If only you could be like Fall, so beautiful with her pretty colors and crisp air and trips to the orchard to pick apples.  Although I do enjoy your lazy weekends and  long days…

AHAHAAAA!  That’s hilarious!  The only thing I spend more time doing during the summer than sweating is wishing I’d become a teacher (or at least a professional student) so I could have them off.  More hours of daylight are great, but there is really no such thing as a long ENOUGH day when you work full-time and have kids.  Which doesn’t change my desire to make sure the boys get the full summer experience, it’s just a bit more challenging.  Luckily (for me and the boys at least, if not DH) my body seems capable of moving not only at warp speed, but also on little sleep this time of year.  So we’ve been boating, camping, and to the beach, went to visit Grandma and Grandpa, saw fireworks and an airshow, spent time at the pool, went to the fair, planted a garden, learned how to run and jump and swim, built a fort, went to ball games, made friends, saw concerts in the park, watched movies on the pier and at the drive-in movie theater (yes, we still have one!), and then I looked up and it was August.

There are times when DH catches me standing, watching, and will ask what I’m doing.  I’m just trying to remember, which is impossible of course but there are so many perfect (and even some not-so-perfect) moments that I want to keep forever so I can replay them like a video recorder.  So before I forget them all and since a good number have already slipped by, here are a few of the things from the past several weeks that I hope to keep in my mind’s eye, in no particular order:

1.  Waking up to the smell of my Dad making pancakes on a Saturday morning.  I’m not sure where he got his culinary skills and don’t recall him doing it when we were kids, but he started a trend a few years ago and I look forward to it.

2.  T, in all his toddler glory.  It’s been a month of firsts – the first time he said Mama (seriously, my heart still skips), climbed up on the couch, saw fireworks, played on swings, used the signs I’ve been showing him since he was three months old, brought me a book to read, climbed up on the couch, climbed down the stairs by himself, sat in his little rocking chair, discovered he could also get into the big rocking chair and then rode it like a surf board.  I love watching his face, the wonder and excitement with every discovery, the sounds he makes while he investigates, takes it all in.

What video games do to your brain.

3.  DH’s face when he gets to spend time with J.  Even when they are just playing video games, they really enjoy each other’s company.

4.  J finished eighth grade. I knew this day was coming but it just seems surreal, and I am definitely not feeling old enough to be stepmom to a high schooler!  There have been so many challenges and adjustments but he’s a good kid, I have faith in him.

5.  My brother brought a girl home to meet my parents.  This makes the list because it has NEVER happened.  Ever.  Unfortunately they broke up a few weeks later but she clearly did not know what a catch he is and was therefore not good enough for him anyway.

6.  Baseball.  Because it’s summer, and I love baseball!

July went so fast, and August seems to be on the same track, that there are days it seems I should remind myself to breath.  There will be plenty of time for that during the dark days of winter but here’s wishing a happy August, in case I once again fall into the speed warp.

The Griswalds vacation – minus the dogs, fighting, bathroom breaks and surprisingly light on the luggage.


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2 responses to “July? Hello??

  1. Stacey

    August 10, 2012 at 11:26 am

    Oh how I’ve missed your writing! I love this. Time goes by in the blink of an eye and some days I just drive home from work thinking…. what day is this?… and what have I done this week?…. how did I get here… and it’s all a blur. How wonderful to sit down and take note of all the wonderful things, big and small, that make life so worth living.
    You guys have had a busy, fun summer. Loved reading it all. 🙂

    • Chaotic Life, Happy Home

      August 13, 2012 at 12:25 am

      I know the speed thing is AWEFUL! I definitely don’t remember my mom running around like crazy when I was a kid, but I had a great childhood so I guess I’ll just keep plugging away!


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