What’s in a Year?

15 Aug

My husband has a terrible memory.  TERRIBLE.  He makes all kinds of excuses as to why (insomnia, too much youthful partying, yadda yadda) but I really think he was just born without attention to detail. Which is especially sad for me today since his inability to recall even the tiniest detail has resulted in the loss of my camera.  The one with my pictures on it.  ALL of my pictures.  Because the roof of the car is the only place to put a camera before you get into it and then drive down the highway for 40 miles going very fast.  But before I start making a list of places to stuff his body, I thought I would take a few minutes to recap the year in pictures.

T’s first birthday, St. Patrick’s Day parade and festival, trips to the zoo and the super cute pic of T and daddy feeding the giraffe (his favorite animal).  First steps.  Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  Sailabration.  First artwork – chalk marks on the sidewalk- and riding his little car on the sidewalk in front of the house.  J’s graduation and pics of him and DH working on the house.  Our vacation pictures including 4th of July and T’s first fireworks, plus a great pic of the four of us standing on the mile-high marker at Grandfather Mountain.  Playing in the fountain downtown. Eating corn on the cob.  Our trip to the fair last week. Progression on changes we’ve made to the house.  Photos of grandparents, great-grandparents, cousins, and aunts and uncles we rarely see.  Random cool stuff, like the 200 year old farmhouse down the road from my parents, the double rainbow we saw one day, and the water tower in the shape of a giant butt peach.  All the evidence I’ve gathered in my quest to rid the neighborhood of permit parking.  And who knows what else is on there?  I’m surprised I remember that much.

Yeah – I’m pretty sure it’s not in there.

I almost feel sorry for DH, he’s feeling pretty bad and spent two days driving up and down the highway and passing his business card out to the construction guys along the way.  He actually found the case, minus the camera, and there was a spark of hope that someone had picked it up and just ditched the case.  And miracle of miracles, someone called and said they found it!  Unfortunately is was pretty obvious it got run over by something pretty big and of all things, the memory card and battery were missing.  So close, and yet so far.

Great news, I just realized that the memory card was new just before T’s birthday.  That means I’ve only lost six months of unrecoverable memories, hooray!  I’m still a little sniffly but I’m pretty sure DH didn’t get a chance to close up hole where we were working on the ceiling so I’m off to find a tape measure.

Photo Credit: Anne Taintor

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