24 Oct

It’s been a really hectic, crazy year.  Most days I can survive, sometimes even thrive on the chaos.  Today is not one of those days.  If only we could choose when it’s inconvenient to be exhausted.  Kind of like a floating holiday, but likely way less fun and requiring only enough energy to drag yourself off the couch long enough for a snack, or if the house starts on fire.

T, that little darling, is starting to come into his own as a toddler and takes every opportunity to remind us.  Today he voiced his opinion, loudly and using a series of ear-piercing screeches and knife-sharp kicks to the ribs, exactly how he felt about leaving the park.  I managed to wrestle him upstairs for a nap (seriously, I think his arms turn to rubber when he’s in fight mode) and now that I’ve bought myself at least a hour of sweet silence, the only thing I can do is lie on the floor sweating and panting.  I could work in a few stretches and call it pilates, but more likely I’ll lie here listening to the clock tick down my seconds of solitude and dream of a sick day.


Even the dog is tired!

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