Bucket List

I’ve kept a Bucket List for years (by the way, I always capitalize my BL so as to convey the honor it deserves).  I actually have a version of it with me wherever I go, since it’s in my phone for easy access to add (or cross off) as the need arises.  Raising a family and working full time tend to limit the number of hours available but it’s life, not a race, so I’ll keep adding and crossing off!

Carnival (in Brazil)

Attend Yankees spring training

See a game in every MLB stadium

Try out for Wheel of Fortune

Travel to all 50 states; trips to Grand Canyon, Hawaii, Yosemite, Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest

Sky dive

See U2 in Ireland

Other bands/musicians to see:  Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, Black Crowes

See Letterman live

Learn to play guitar

Sing in public

Receive a standing ovation (for reasons to be determined later)

Hold a conversation in a foreign language

Learn to sail

Get published

Places to see:  Italy, Russia, Europe, Greece, Turkey, Australia, Africa, Iceland

Extra in TV or movie, or voiceover work

Camino de Santiago pilgrimage

Hike the Appalachian Trail


Learn to take and develop great photos

Be a great mom


What’s on your BL?


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